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When playing sports, teeth can easily come in contact with the playing field, sports equipment, or even other players. Protect your teeth today by getting a custom made mouth guard made especially to fit your mouth!

We have been in the practice for over 9 years!

We fit you for your custom mouth guard to ensure comfort and protection. We can even make your mouth guard in your team colors for some added team spirit!

Custom to you

Mouth guards are also a comprehensive way to help ease your jaw pain from grinding your teeth at night. Our expert technicians will make a mold of your mouth in order to get a perfect fit!


Teeth grinding problem?

Complete Family Dental makes mouth guards to fit your mouth like a glove. When playing contact sports, the mouth guard will protect your teeth, without causing any discomfort. Call today to get fitted!

Comfortable mouth guards

Sports Mouth Guards

Boxer wearing a mouth guard