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Dr. Jeremy L Ludlow

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Routine check-ups are an important part of dental health. Complete Family Dental offers dental examinations, x-rays and fluoride treatments to keep your teeth happy and healthy. If you've recently been experiencing mouth pain or abnormal sensitivity, you may require dental treatment. Come to Complete Family Dental to receive the greatest dental care in the Cedar City area!

Same day crowns available!

If your x-rays show that you have a cavity, Complete Family Dental can take care of it for you. We offer white fillings that will blend in with your teeth, instead of the old fashioned silver fillings. We are known for our gentle and attentive dental care. Call to schedule your appointment!


In addition to fillings for cavities, we can also provide more intricate procedures like root canals, extractions and crowns. We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible and to minimize any possible pain. Our friendly staff will put your mind at ease from the moment you walk in the door. Call us today!


When suspecting that something is wrong with your teeth, Complete Family Dental can get to the bottom of the problem. We have bite-wing and full-mouth x-rays to see what is really going on in your mouth!

Getting to the root of the problem

Routine Dental Check-ups

Full-mouth X-ray